Publication Patterns

Packaging releases and records

When publishing releases and records, they need to be provided within a release package or record package. These act as an envelope for the data.

A package provides information on:

  • Where the data can be accessed (a URI)

  • The publisher of the data

  • The date of publication

  • The license the data is provided under

  • Links to a publication policy and further documentation

A package can contain one or more releases or records.

Consult the release package and record package schemas to package up your data.

Example release package

"publisher": {
        "scheme": "GB-COH",
        "uid": "09506232",
        "name": "Open Data Services Co-operative Limited",
        "uri": ""

Bulk and individual files

You are encouraged to:

  • Ensure all documents referenced in OCDS releases are available online;

  • Publish each release and record at its own persistent URL;

  • Additionally, produce bulk packages of releases and records for users to download;

  • Additionally, produce 'flat' versions of the data for users to access in CSV for Excel formats

You will need to make decisions about how to segment the data in bulk files, so that files are easy for users to work with.