Support and governance

The Open Contracting Data Standard help-desk is available to support you in implementing or using OCDS, and to assist in the ongoing development of the standard.

If are are planning to publish or use data using the Open Contracting Data Standards then the OCDS help-desk team are on hand to offer advice and input.

We can:

  • Help you identify approaches for converting data from your existing systems to OCDS;
  • Suggest existing tools and services which can help you publish or use OCDS data;
  • Provide guidance on mapping your data structures to the standard;
  • Give you feedback on draft data files, and support with validation of your data;

Through funding from the Open Contracting Partnership, this support is provided free of charge.

E-mail with your questions, and a member of the help-desk team will be in touch with you soon.

OCDS Community

The Open Contracting community is also a good source of input and support. You can ask questions, discuss ideas for using the standard, and share news on your projects on the mailing list.

Announcements about proposed updates to the specification, and periods for comment, will be made to the mailing list.

Developers, or those wishing to provide technical input on the standard, might wish to go straight to the GitHub repository.