How can I implement the OCDS?


To implement the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) you should follow the steps in the implementation guidance and the rules in the reference section. This page will:

  • Outline next steps you can follow to start implementing the OCDS

  • Direct you to resources for getting help on implementing the OCDS

Beyond the Primer, you can use the following resources contained in the OCDS documentation to help you implement the OCDS. The remainder of the documentation covers:

  • Guidance: Step-by-step instructions on how to design and implement an OCDS publication, including helpful tools and examples

  • Reference: Describing the specific rules that need to be followed to publish OCDS data

  • Getting help: Outlining how you can get free support and how you can participate in the OCDS community

  • Governance: Details about the stewardships, development, and revisions process for the OCDS

  • History: Information about the changes in each version of the OCDS

  • Data Review Tool: A tool to help check whether your data is following the OCDS correctly

Have a question? Ask us!

OCP and the OCDS offers free global support in publishing or using OCDS data. If you are planning to publish or use OCDS data, then the Data Support Team is on-hand to offer advice and input, by:

  • Helping you identify approaches for converting data from your existing systems to the OCDS

  • Suggesting existing tools and services that can help you publish or use OCDS data

  • Providing guidance on mapping your data structures to the OCDS

  • Giving you feedback on draft data files, and checking the structure of your data

Support is available in English, Spanish and Russian. If you have a question about OCDS implementation, e-mail and a member of the Data Support Team will be in touch with you soon.


To continue learning about OCDS implementation, go to the next page in the documentation: Guidance. You can also review the resources below to go deeper into the subjects introduced on this page.

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