The Open Contracting Data Standards has been developed with the input of many people. We extend our thanks to all the following who have given feedback and input over the course of the initial development project.

The Open Contracting Data Standard is a core product of the Open Contracting Partnership (OCP). Version 1.0 was developed for the OCP by the World Wide Web Foundation, through a project supported by the Omidyar Network and the World Bank. Ongoing development is managed by Open Data Services Co-operative under contract to the Open Contracting Partnership.

Core team

Core contributors (Version 1.1.0): Tim Davies, Duncan Dewhurst, David Raznick, Lindsey Marchessault, Ben Webb, Edafe Onerhime.

Core contributors (Version 1.0.1): Tim Davies, Lindsey Marchessault, Ben Webb, David Raznick, David Carpenter, Edafe Onerhime, Steven Flower.

Lead authors (Version 1.0): Tim Davies (Web Foundation) & Sarah Bird (Aptivate), with core input from: James McKinney (Open North), Lindsey Marchessault (World Bank), Marcela Rozo (World Bank), Stephen Davenport (World Bank), Ana Brandusescu, Jose M. Alonso (Web Foundation) and Michael Roberts (Web Foundation).


Many more people have been involved in inputting to the standard. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of those people. Inclusion here is to extend our thanks. It does not imply endorsement by any of those included of the standard.

Version 1.1.0

Issue contributors:

@agm3dc (Andrew Mandelbaum), @AlCollier (Al Collier), @andrewlorien (Andrew Lorien), @Bjwebb (Ben Webb), @chriscrownagents (Chris Smith), @ColinMaudry (Colin Maudry), @duncandewhurst (Duncan Dewhurst), @ec-mcs (Marc Christopher Schmidt), @edugomez (Eduardo Gomez), @ekoner (Edafe Onerhime), @hrdwm14, @joshuacpowell (Joshua Powell), @jskuhrovec (Jiri Skuhrovec), @kindly (David Raznick), @KrzysztofMadejski (Krzysiek Madejski), @LindseyAM (Lindsey Marchessault), @myroslav (Myroslav Opyr), @robredpath (Rob Redpath), @SamCCSI (Sam Szoke-Burke), @siwhitehouse (Simon Whitehouse) and @woodbine (Ian Makgill).

Peer reviewers:

  • Andrew Lorien, The Gruden Group (Australia)
  • Mireille Raad, World Bank (USA)
  • Aura Martínez, Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público (Mexico)
  • Andrew Mandelbaum & Mihai Postelnicu, Development Gateway (USA)
  • Patrick Enaholo, Pan Atlantic University - Lagos (Nigeria)
  • Juan Pane, Latin America Open Data Initiative (Paraguay)
  • Jachym Hercher, European Commission (Belgium)
  • Irum Maqsood, Public Works and Government Services Canada (Canada)

Version 1.0.0

Standard website design and icons by Neontribe: with thanks to Harry Harold and Heydon Pickering.

Thanks to Noé Domínguez , Oscar Montiel, Laura Serghi, Mathieu Leduc-Hamel, Michael Lenczner, Isabel Munilla, John Hawkins, Laura Bacon and Owen Scott for inputs into technical and policy development.

Many thanks also to those who contributed to the user research: Antonio Acuna, Steve Addler, Ivan Begtin, Bibhusan Bista, Eduardo Bohórquez, Mathieu Carlier, Andrew Clarke, Kami Dar, Eva Vozárová, Kami Dar, Daniel Dudis, Mihály Fazekas, Dustin Homer, John Jordan, Jeff Kaplan, Charles Kenny, Ian Makgill, Habibullah Muqbel, Seember Nyager, Meike Paetzold, Pascal Robichaud, Claire Schouten, Tom Sisti; Chris Taggart; as well as all those who participated in Open Contracting Data related events and meetings in Montreal, Washington, Berlin, Kathmandu, Mexico, and online; and all those who wished to remain anonymous; for their invaluable input and feedback into the demand assessment process.