There are a growing number of tools available to support implementation of OCDS.

Tools developed by the core team will be available at

Core tools

OCDS Validator

The OCDS validator can be found at and can be used to:

  • Check releases and records against the JSON OCDS schema;
  • Provide basic statistics on the data contained within OCDS files;
  • Convert between flat and structured JSON formats.

OCDS Merge

This python library provides functions to merge a list of OCDS Releases into either a compiledRelease or a versionedRelease needed to create an OCDS record.

ocdsmerge is available as a python package, or on GitHub along with usage instructions.

Community tools

We will be developing a list of community developed tools which consume or produce OCDS data here.

In the meantime, please share suggestions for tools with the mailing list.

Archived tools

A number of older tools, created during the development of the standard, can be found in the Open Contracting Archive GitHub organization.