Codelist reference

Some schema fields refer to codelists, to limit and standardize the possible values of the fields, in order to promote data interoperability.

Codelists can either be open or closed. Closed codelists are intended to be comprehensive; for example, the currency codelist covers all currencies in the world. Open codelists are intended to be representative, but not comprehensive.

Publishers must use the codes in the codelists, unless no code is appropriate. If no code is appropriate and the codelist is open, then a publisher may use a new code outside those in the codelist. If no code is appropriate and the codelist is closed, then a publisher should instead create an issue in the OC4IDS GitHub repository.

Extending open codelists

If you use new codes outside those in an open codelist, please create an issue in the OC4IDS GitHub repository, so that the codes can be considered for inclusion in the codelist.

For more information on open and closed codelists, refer to the Open Contracting Data Standard codelists documentation.

Closed codelists


Code Title Description Business Logic
pre-award Pre-award No contract has yet been awarded, and the process has not ended. tender.status is not ‘cancelled’, ‘unsuccessful’ or ‘withdrawn’, and one of: There are no awards or contracts; All Award.status and Contract.status are ‘pending’; All award dates (whether expressed as or tender.awardPeriod) are in the future.
active Active A contract was awarded, but not all contracts have ended. One of: There is at least one Contract.status of ‘active’; At least one contract period (whether expressed as Contract.period, Award.contractPeriod or tender.contractPeriod) includes the present date.
closed Closed The process ended with no contract being awarded, or all contracts have ended. One of: tender.status is ‘cancelled’, ‘unsuccessful’ or ‘withdrawn’; There is at least one award, and all Award.status are ‘cancelled’ or ‘unsuccessful’; There is at least one contract, and all Contract.status are ‘terminated’ or ‘cancelled’; The endDate of all contract periods are in the past.


Code Title Description
design Design This contracting process relates to design of the project.
construction Construction This contracting process relates to build or construction work for the project.
supervision Supervision This contracting process relates to supervision or monitoring of the project.


Code Title Extension
AED UAE Dirham OCDS Core
AFN Afghani OCDS Core
AMD Armenian Dram OCDS Core
ANG Netherlands Antillean Guilder OCDS Core
AOA Kwanza OCDS Core
ARS Argentine Peso OCDS Core
AUD Australian Dollar OCDS Core
AWG Aruban Florin OCDS Core
AZN Azerbaijan Manat OCDS Core
BAM Convertible Mark OCDS Core
BBD Barbados Dollar OCDS Core
BDT Taka OCDS Core
BGN Bulgarian Lev OCDS Core
BHD Bahraini Dinar OCDS Core
BIF Burundi Franc OCDS Core
BMD Bermudian Dollar OCDS Core
BND Brunei Dollar OCDS Core
BOB Boliviano OCDS Core
BOV Mvdol OCDS Core
BRL Brazilian Real OCDS Core
BSD Bahamian Dollar OCDS Core
BTN Ngultrum OCDS Core
BWP Pula OCDS Core
BYN Belarusian Ruble OCDS Core
BZD Belize Dollar OCDS Core
CAD Canadian Dollar OCDS Core
CDF Congolese Franc OCDS Core
CHF Swiss Franc OCDS Core
CLF Unidad de Fomento OCDS Core
CLP Chilean Peso OCDS Core
CNY Yuan Renminbi OCDS Core
COP Colombian Peso OCDS Core
COU Unidad de Valor Real OCDS Core
CRC Costa Rican Colon OCDS Core
CUC Peso Convertible OCDS Core
CUP Cuban Peso OCDS Core
CVE Cabo Verde Escudo OCDS Core
CZK Czech Koruna OCDS Core
DJF Djibouti Franc OCDS Core
DKK Danish Krone OCDS Core
DOP Dominican Peso OCDS Core
DZD Algerian Dinar OCDS Core
EGP Egyptian Pound OCDS Core
ERN Nakfa OCDS Core
ETB Ethiopian Birr OCDS Core
EUR Euro OCDS Core
FJD Fiji Dollar OCDS Core
FKP Falkland Islands Pound OCDS Core
GBP Pound Sterling OCDS Core
GEL Lari OCDS Core
GHS Ghana Cedi OCDS Core
GIP Gibraltar Pound OCDS Core
GMD Dalasi OCDS Core
GNF Guinean Franc OCDS Core
GTQ Quetzal OCDS Core
GYD Guyana Dollar OCDS Core
HKD Hong Kong Dollar OCDS Core
HNL Lempira OCDS Core
HRK Kuna OCDS Core
HTG Gourde OCDS Core
HUF Forint OCDS Core
IDR Rupiah OCDS Core
ILS New Israeli Sheqel OCDS Core
INR Indian Rupee OCDS Core
IQD Iraqi Dinar OCDS Core
IRR Iranian Rial OCDS Core
ISK Iceland Krona OCDS Core
JMD Jamaican Dollar OCDS Core
JOD Jordanian Dinar OCDS Core
KES Kenyan Shilling OCDS Core
KHR Riel OCDS Core
KMF Comorian Franc OCDS Core
KPW North Korean Won OCDS Core
KWD Kuwaiti Dinar OCDS Core
KYD Cayman Islands Dollar OCDS Core
KZT Tenge OCDS Core
LAK Lao Kip OCDS Core
LBP Lebanese Pound OCDS Core
LKR Sri Lanka Rupee OCDS Core
LRD Liberian Dollar OCDS Core
LSL Loti OCDS Core
LYD Libyan Dinar OCDS Core
MAD Moroccan Dirham OCDS Core
MDL Moldovan Leu OCDS Core
MGA Malagasy Ariary OCDS Core
MKD Denar OCDS Core
MMK Kyat OCDS Core
MNT Tugrik OCDS Core
MOP Pataca OCDS Core
MRU Ouguiya OCDS Core
MUR Mauritius Rupee OCDS Core
MVR Rufiyaa OCDS Core
MWK Malawi Kwacha OCDS Core
MXN Mexican Peso OCDS Core
MXV Mexican Unidad de Inversion (UDI) OCDS Core
MYR Malaysian Ringgit OCDS Core
MZN Mozambique Metical OCDS Core
NAD Namibia Dollar OCDS Core
NGN Naira OCDS Core
NIO Cordoba Oro OCDS Core
NOK Norwegian Krone OCDS Core
NPR Nepalese Rupee OCDS Core
NZD New Zealand Dollar OCDS Core
OMR Rial Omani OCDS Core
PAB Balboa OCDS Core
PGK Kina OCDS Core
PHP Philippine Piso OCDS Core
PKR Pakistan Rupee OCDS Core
PLN Zloty OCDS Core
PYG Guarani OCDS Core
QAR Qatari Rial OCDS Core
RON Romanian Leu OCDS Core
RSD Serbian Dinar OCDS Core
RUB Russian Ruble OCDS Core
RWF Rwanda Franc OCDS Core
SAR Saudi Riyal OCDS Core
SBD Solomon Islands Dollar OCDS Core
SCR Seychelles Rupee OCDS Core
SDG Sudanese Pound OCDS Core
SEK Swedish Krona OCDS Core
SGD Singapore Dollar OCDS Core
SHP Saint Helena Pound OCDS Core
SLL Leone OCDS Core
SOS Somali Shilling OCDS Core
SRD Surinam Dollar OCDS Core
SSP South Sudanese Pound OCDS Core
STN Dobra OCDS Core
SVC El Salvador Colon OCDS Core
SYP Syrian Pound OCDS Core
SZL Lilangeni OCDS Core
THB Baht OCDS Core
TJS Somoni OCDS Core
TMT Turkmenistan New Manat OCDS Core
TND Tunisian Dinar OCDS Core
TOP Pa’anga OCDS Core
TRY Turkish Lira OCDS Core
TTD Trinidad and Tobago Dollar OCDS Core
TWD New Taiwan Dollar OCDS Core
TZS Tanzanian Shilling OCDS Core
UAH Hryvnia OCDS Core
UGX Uganda Shilling OCDS Core
USD US Dollar OCDS Core
USN US Dollar (Next day) OCDS Core
UYI Uruguay Peso en Unidades Indexadas (URUIURUI) OCDS Core
UYU Peso Uruguayo OCDS Core
UZS Uzbekistan Sum OCDS Core
VEF Bolívar OCDS Core
VND Dong OCDS Core
VUV Vatu OCDS Core
WST Tala OCDS Core
XAG Silver OCDS Core
XAU Gold OCDS Core
XBA Bond Markets Unit European Composite Unit (EURCO) OCDS Core
XBB Bond Markets Unit European Monetary Unit (E.M.U.-6) OCDS Core
XBC Bond Markets Unit European Unit of Account 9 (E.U.A.-9) OCDS Core
XBD Bond Markets Unit European Unit of Account 17 (E.U.A.-17) OCDS Core
XCD East Caribbean Dollar OCDS Core
XDR SDR (Special Drawing Right) OCDS Core
XPD Palladium OCDS Core
XPT Platinum OCDS Core
XSU Sucre OCDS Core
XTS Codes specifically reserved for testing purposes OCDS Core
XUA ADB Unit of Account OCDS Core
XXX The codes assigned for transactions where no currency is involved OCDS Core
YER Yemeni Rial OCDS Core
ZAR Rand OCDS Core
ZMW Zambian Kwacha OCDS Core
ZWL Zimbabwe Dollar OCDS Core
ADP Andorran Peseta OCDS Core
AFA Afghani OCDS Core
ALK Old Lek OCDS Core
AOK Kwanza OCDS Core
AON New Kwanza OCDS Core
AOR Kwanza Reajustado OCDS Core
ARA Austral OCDS Core
ARP Peso Argentino OCDS Core
ARY Peso OCDS Core
ATS Schilling OCDS Core
AYM Azerbaijan Manat OCDS Core
AZM Azerbaijanian Manat OCDS Core
BAD Dinar OCDS Core
BEC Convertible Franc OCDS Core
BEF Belgian Franc OCDS Core
BEL Financial Franc OCDS Core
BGJ Lev A/52 OCDS Core
BGK Lev A/62 OCDS Core
BOP Peso boliviano OCDS Core
BRB Cruzeiro OCDS Core
BRC Cruzado OCDS Core
BRE Cruzeiro OCDS Core
BRN New Cruzado OCDS Core
BRR Cruzeiro Real OCDS Core
BUK Kyat OCDS Core
BYB Belarusian Ruble OCDS Core
BYR Belarusian Ruble OCDS Core
CHC WIR Franc (for electronic) OCDS Core
CSD Serbian Dinar OCDS Core
CSJ Krona A/53 OCDS Core
CSK Koruna OCDS Core
CYP Cyprus Pound OCDS Core
DDM Mark der DDR OCDS Core
DEM Deutsche Mark OCDS Core
ECS Sucre OCDS Core
ECV Unidad de Valor Constante (UVC) OCDS Core
EEK Kroon OCDS Core
ESA Spanish Peseta OCDS Core
ESB “A” Account (convertible Peseta Account) OCDS Core
ESP Spanish Peseta OCDS Core
FIM Markka OCDS Core
FRF French Franc OCDS Core
GEK Georgian Coupon OCDS Core
GHC Cedi OCDS Core
GHP Ghana Cedi OCDS Core
GNE Syli OCDS Core
GNS Syli OCDS Core
GQE Ekwele OCDS Core
GRD Drachma OCDS Core
GWE Guinea Escudo OCDS Core
GWP Guinea-Bissau Peso OCDS Core
HRD Croatian Dinar OCDS Core
IEP Irish Pound OCDS Core
ILP Pound OCDS Core
ILR Old Shekel OCDS Core
ISJ Old Krona OCDS Core
ITL Italian Lira OCDS Core
LAJ Pathet Lao Kip OCDS Core
LSM Loti OCDS Core
LTL Lithuanian Litas OCDS Core
LTT Talonas OCDS Core
LUC Luxembourg Convertible Franc OCDS Core
LUF Luxembourg Franc OCDS Core
LUL Luxembourg Financial Franc OCDS Core
LVL Latvian Lats OCDS Core
LVR Latvian Ruble OCDS Core
MGF Malagasy Franc OCDS Core
MLF Mali Franc OCDS Core
MRO Ouguiya OCDS Core
MTL Maltese Lira OCDS Core
MTP Maltese Pound OCDS Core
MVQ Maldive Rupee OCDS Core
MXP Mexican Peso OCDS Core
MZE Mozambique Escudo OCDS Core
MZM Mozambique Metical OCDS Core
NIC Cordoba OCDS Core
NLG Netherlands Guilder OCDS Core
PEI Inti OCDS Core
PLZ Zloty OCDS Core
PTE Portuguese Escudo OCDS Core
RHD Rhodesian Dollar OCDS Core
ROK Leu A/52 OCDS Core
ROL Old Leu OCDS Core
RUR Russian Ruble OCDS Core
SDD Sudanese Dinar OCDS Core
SDP Sudanese Pound OCDS Core
SIT Tolar OCDS Core
SKK Slovak Koruna OCDS Core
SRG Surinam Guilder OCDS Core
STD Dobra OCDS Core
SUR Rouble OCDS Core
TJR Tajik Ruble OCDS Core
TMM Turkmenistan Manat OCDS Core
TPE Timor Escudo OCDS Core
TRL Old Turkish Lira OCDS Core
UAK Karbovanet OCDS Core
UGS Uganda Shilling OCDS Core
UGW Old Shilling OCDS Core
USS US Dollar (Same day) OCDS Core
UYN Old Uruguay Peso OCDS Core
UYP Uruguayan Peso OCDS Core
VEB Bolivar OCDS Core
VNC Old Dong OCDS Core
XEU European Currency Unit (E.C.U) OCDS Core
XFO Gold-Franc OCDS Core
XRE RINET Funds Code OCDS Core
YDD Yemeni Dinar OCDS Core
YUD New Yugoslavian Dinar OCDS Core
YUM New Dinar OCDS Core
YUN Yugoslavian Dinar OCDS Core
ZAL Financial Rand OCDS Core
ZMK Zambian Kwacha OCDS Core
ZRN New Zaire OCDS Core
ZRZ Zaire OCDS Core
ZWC Rhodesian Dollar OCDS Core
ZWD Zimbabwe Dollar OCDS Core
ZWN Zimbabwe Dollar (new) OCDS Core
ZWR Zimbabwe Dollar OCDS Core


Code Title Description Extension
Point Point For type ‘Point’, the ‘coordinates’ member is a single position. Location
MultiPoint MultiPoint For type ‘MultiPoint’, the ‘coordinates’ member is an array of positions. Location
LineString LineString For type ‘LineString’, the ‘coordinates’ member is an array of two or more positions. Location
MultiLineString MultiLineString For type ‘MultiLineString’, the ‘coordinates’ member is an array of LineString coordinate arrays. Location
Polygon Polygon For type ‘Polygon’, the ‘coordinates’ member MUST be an array of linear ring coordinate arrays. Location
MultiPolygon MultiPolygon For type ‘MultiPolygon’, the ‘coordinates’ member is an array of Polygon coordinate arrays. Location


Code Title Description Extension
open Open All interested suppliers may submit a tender. OCDS Core
selective Selective Only qualified suppliers are invited to submit a tender. OCDS Core
limited Limited The procuring entity contacts a number of suppliers of its choice. OCDS Core
direct Direct The contract is awarded to a single supplier without competition. OCDS Core


Code Title Description
identification Identification Identification refers to the decision to develop a project within the budget and programme of a project owner (the public entity responsible for executing the budget).
preparation Preparation Preparation covers the feasibility study, environmental and social impact assessment, general scoping of the project, establishing the packaging and procurement strategy, preliminary statutory requirements on environmental and land impacts, and the resulting budget authorisation.
implementation implementation Implementation covers the procurement and implementation of the group of works or services (such as design and supervision) to be delivered under the project, including works or services performed by the procuring entity. This differs from the definition of ‘implementation’ in OCDS, which covers the implementation but not the procurement.
completion Completion Completion covers the handover of the assets and close-out activities with details of the final scope, cost, and delivery time.
completed Completed Close-out activities were completed, and this project is inactive.
cancelled Cancelled This project was cancelled before close-out activities were completed, and is inactive. Cancellation can occur anytime after identification.

Projects with a status of ‘completed’ may be displayed in a list of archived projects.


Code Title Description
construction Construction The primary focus of this project is the construction of a new asset.
rehabilitation Rehabilitation The primary focus of this project is the rehabilitation of an existing asset.
replacement Replacement The primary focus of this project is the replacement of an existing asset.

Open codelists


Code Title Description Source
needsAssessment Needs Assessment Documentation of the needs assessments carried out for this contracting process or project addressing demand for the project or investment from the affected communities or users. OC4IDS
valueForMoneyAnalysis Value for money analysis A summary of the value for money analysis carried out for the project, along with supporting figures, calculations and business case, based on projected or actual procurement outcomes. OCDS for PPPs
technicalSpecifications Technical Specifications Detailed technical information about goods or services to be provided. OCDS for PPPs
serviceDescription Service descriptions A high-level description of the services OCDS for PPPs
estimatedDemand Estimated demand A narrative describing the estimated demand to be served (annually) by the project. OCDS for PPPs
contractDraft Contract draft A draft or pro-forma copy of the contract. OCDS for PPPs
contractSchedule Contract schedules Any document which contains additional terms, obligations or information related to the contract, such as a schedule, appendix, annex, attachment or addendum. OCDS
contractSigned Signed Contract A copy of the signed contract. Consider providing both machine-readable (e.g. original PDF, Word or Open Document format files), and a separate document entry for scanned-signed pages where this is required. OCDS for PPPs
feasibilityStudy Feasibility study Documentation of feasibility studies carried out for this contracting process, providing information on net benefits or costs of the proposed goods, works or services. OCDS for PPPs
environmentalImpact Environmental Impact Documentation of assessments of the environmental impacts (e.g. impacts on flora, fauna & woodlands, areas of natural beauty, carbon emissions etc.) and mitigation measures (e.g. pollution control, low carbon solutions, sustainable timber etc.) for this contracting process or project. OC4IDS
finalAudit Final Audit Documentation of a final audit carried out at the end of contract implementation. OCDS for PPPs
tenderNotice Tender Notice The formal notice that gives details of a tender. This may be a link to a downloadable document, to a web page, or to an official gazette in which the notice is contained. OCDS for PPPs
evaluationCommittee Evaluation Committee Details Information on the constitution of the evaluation committee OCDS for PPPs
requestForQualification Request for Qualification The set of documents issued by the procuring authority that constitute the basis of the qualification and potentially the pre-selection of candidates (the short list). Qualified (or short-listed candidates) will then be invited to submit a proposal (or to enter into a new phase prior to bid submission, such as a dialogue phase or interactive phase). OCDS for PPPs
evaluationCriteria Evaluation Criteria Documentation on how bids will be evaluated. OCDS for PPPs
minutes Minutes Minutes of pre-bid meetings, or other relevant meetings. OCDS for PPPs
shortlistedFirms Shortlisted Firms Documentation providing information on shortlisted firms. Structured versions of this information can be provided using the bids extension. OCDS for PPPs
negotiationParameters Negotiation Parameters A description of the parameters for negotiation with the preferred proponent OCDS for PPPs
evaluationReports Evaluation report Documentation on the evaluation of the bids and the application of the evaluation criteria, including the justification for the award OCDS for PPPs
contractGuarantees Guarantees Documentation of guarantees relating to a contracting process or contract. OCDS for PPPs
defaultEvents Defaults Information on events of default OCDS for PPPs
termination Termination Information on contract termination OCDS for PPPs
performanceReport Performance report Performance assessment reports OCDS for PPPs
awardNotice Award Notice The formal notice that gives details of the contract award. This may be a link to a downloadable document, to a web page, or to an official gazette in which the notice is contained. OCDS
contractNotice Contract Notice The formal notice that gives details of a contract being signed and valid to start implementation. This may be a link to a downloadable document, to a web page, or to an official gazette in which the notice is contained. OCDS
completionCertificate Completion certificate A completion certificate issued by a relevant authority providing evidence that works were completed to a certain level of quality. Completion certificates may only be relevant for particular kinds of contracting processes. OCDS
procurementPlan Procurement Plan Documentation that sets out the basis for this particular contracting process. OCDS
biddingDocuments Bidding Documents Documentation for potential suppliers, describing the goals of the contract (e.g. goods and services to be procured), and the bidding process. OCDS
contractArrangements Arrangements for ending contract Documentation of the arrangements for ending the contract(s). OCDS
physicalProgressReport Physical progress reports Documentation on the status of implementation, usually against key milestones. OCDS
financialProgressReport Financial progress reports Documentation providing dates and amounts of stage payments made (against total amount) and the source of those payments, including cost overruns, if any. Structured versions of this information can be provided through contract implementation transactions. OCDS
hearingNotice Public Hearing Notice Documentation of any public hearings that took place as part of the planning for this contracting process. OCDS
marketStudies Market Studies Documentation of any market studies that took place as part of the planning for this contracting process. OCDS
eligibilityCriteria Eligibility Criteria Detailed documents about the eligibility of bidders. OCDS
clarifications Clarifications to bidders questions Documentation that provides replies to issues raised in pre-bid conferences or an enquiry processes. OCDS
assetAndLiabilityAssessment Assessment of government’s assets and liabilities Documentation covering assessments of the government’s assets and liabilities related to this contracting process. OCDS
riskProvisions Provisions for management of risks and liabilities Documentation covering how risks will be managed as part of this contracting process. OCDS for PPPs
winningBid Winning Bid Documentation of the winning bid, including, wherever applicable, a full copy of the proposal received. OCDS
complaints Complaints and decisions Documentation of any complaints received, or decisions in response to complaints. OCDS
contractAnnexe Annexes to the Contract Copies of annexes and other supporting documentation related to the contract. OCDS
subContract Subcontracts Documentation detailing subcontracts and/or providing a copy of subcontracts themselves. Where OCDS data on the subcontracts exists, this can be declared using the relatedProcess block. OCDS
projectPlan Project plan Documentation of project planning for this contracting process, and, where applicable, a copy of the project plan document. OCDS
billOfQuantity Bill Of Quantity Documentation that provides itemized information on materials, parts and labour, and the terms and conditions for their provision, providing information that would enable bidders to price work effectively. Structured versions of item and quantity information at each of tender, award and contract stage can be provided using units within the items building block. OCDS
bidders Information on bidders Documentation on bidders or participants, their validation documents and any procedural exemptions for which they qualify OCDS
conflictOfInterest Conflict of Interest Documentation of conflicts of interest declared or uncovered. OCDS
debarments Debarments Documentation of any debarments issued. OCDS
illustration Illustrations Images intended to provide supporting information. The URL for images should generally be directly to an image file which applications can display as part of a gallery of images. At the tender stage, images may be illustrations of goods, works or services required or for sale. At the implementation stage, images may be illustrations or visual evidence of physical progress. OCDS
submissionDocuments Bid Submission Documents Documentation submitted by a bidder as part of their proposal. OCDS
contractSummary Contract Summary Documentation providing an overview of the key terms and sections of the contract. Commonly used for large and complex contracts. OCDS
cancellationDetails Cancellation Details Documentation the arrangements, or reasons, for cancellation of a contracting process, award or specific contract. OCDS
projectScope Project scope A description of the main outputs from the project that are being taken forward into construction (including type, quantity and units) OC4IDS
landAndSettlementImpact Land and Settlement Impact State the amount of land and property that was acquired for the project (e.g. 25sq km land), and outline related impacts (e.g. archaeological issues (moved saxon burial site), local/indigenous settlements (relocated 5 indigenous villages of 500 villagers each), impacts on local businesses e.g. (30 business properties purchased)). OC4IDS
projectEvaluation Project evaluation Generally published at the conclusion of a project, providing a technical and financial summary of delivery. OC4IDS
budgetApproval Budget approval Additional details about the approval of the budget. OC4IDS


Code Title Description Extension
NUTS EU Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics The Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) was established by Eurostat in order to provide a single uniform breakdown of territorial units for the production of regional statistics for the European Union. Location
ISO2 ISO Country Codes (3166-1 alpha-2) ISO 2-Digit Country Codes Location
GEONAMES GeoNames GeoNames provides numerical identifiers for many points of interest around the world, including administrative divisions, populated centres and other locations, embedded within a structured tree of geographic relations. Location
OSMN OpenStreetMap Node OpenStreetMap Nodes consist of a single point in space defined by a latitude, longitude and node ID. Nodes may have tags to indicate the particular geographic feature they represent. Location
OSMR OpenStreetMap Relation Relations are used to model logical (and usually local) or geographic relationships between objects. In practice, boundaries of geographic areas are available as Relations in OpenStreetMap. Location
OSMW OpenStreetMap Way An OpenStreetMap Way is an ordered list of OpenStreetMap nodes. May be used to describe fragments of roads or local boundaries and bounding boxes. Location


Code Title Description
duration Duration This modification describes a change to the contact duration. This may be identified based on changes in award.contractPeriod or contract.period, or updates to milestones and payments that appear to exceed the anticipated contract.period.
value Value This modification describes a change to the contract value. This may be identified based on changes to the sum of contract.value (watching for cases where a contract value is varied, or an additional extension contract is signed as part of this process), or by monitoring contracts.implementation.transactions.
scope Scope This modification describes a change to the contract scope. This may be identified by comparing key details from tender, awards and contracts, or by monitoring relevant documents.


Code Title Description Source
buyer Buyer A buyer is an entity whose budget will be used to pay for goods, works or services related to a contract. OCDS
procuringEntity Procuring Entity The entity managing the procurement, which may be different from the buyer who is paying / using the items being procured. OCDS
supplier Supplier The entity awarded or contracted to provide supplies, works or services. OCDS
tenderer Tenderer All entities who submit a tender OCDS
funder Funder The funder is an entity providing money or finance for this contracting process or project. OC4IDS
enquirer Enquirer A party who has made an enquiry during the enquiry phase of a contracting process. OCDS
payer Payer A party making a payment from a transaction OCDS
payee Payee A party in receipt of a payment from a transaction OCDS
reviewBody Review Body A party responsible for the review of this procurement process. This party often has a role in any challenges made to the contract award. OCDS
publicAuthority Public Authority The unit/body/department within a government that is tendering and contracting the project. OC4IDS
administrativeEntity Administrative Entity The entity responsible for contract administration. OC4IDS


Code Title Description
education Education Education, including schools, universities and other learning and training facilities
health Health Health, including hospitals, healthcare and human services
energy Energy Energy, including electric power generation, and the transmission and distribution of electricity, oil and gas, for example: power plants, power lines, gas pipelines
communications Communications Communications, including ICT, IT, telecommunications, postal facilities, high-speed internet, broadband
waterAndWaste Water and waste Water and waste, including sanitation and wastewater
governance Governance Governance, including government accommodations, public buildings, government offices; justice, courts; emergency services / response, local security; security, prisons, corrections; defense, military
economy Economy Economy, including agribusiness, agriculture, science and environment
cultureSportsAndRecreation Culture, sports and recreation Culture, sports and recreation, including tourism, parks and green areas
transport Transport Transport. A more detailed breakdown may be provided using the transport.[mode] codes
transport.air Air transport Air transport, including airports, airways and aviation
transport.water Water transport Water transport, including ports and inland waterways
transport.rail Rail transport Rail transport
transport.road Road transport Road transport, including roads, highways, streets, tunnels and bridges
transport.urban Urban transport Urban transport, including mass transit, urban mobility, buses, cycling, walking and taxi
socialHousing Social housing Social housing

OCDS codelists

OC4IDS also reuses some codelists from the Open Contracting Data Standard: