OCDS for eFormsΒΆ

This website describes how to express, in OCDS, the information in eForms.


The intended audience of the rest of this profile are technical implementers of OCDS.

The OCDS for eForms profile can help you to join up, analyze and publish all of your procurement data. It builds on eForms and national standards by proposing a globally recognized, user-friendly and unified format for publishing the most relevant procurement data, in order to get insights about what and how much is purchased from whom, in one place.

OCDS for eForms describes how to express European public procurement information collected through eForms as machine-readable, structured and standardized open data in the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) format. It shows how eForms maps to OCDS, so that eForms implementers can publish the collected information as OCDS in a user-friendly way. Publishing data collected through eForms as OCDS allows integrating a change history and assembling a complete contracting record from European Union-level and national-level procurement systems.