Worked Example

OCDS for PPPs can be used to build up a clear record of all the stages of a Public Private Partnership project over time.

Fully implemented, it will bring together, in a structured form, key documents and data.

This allows different stakeholders to understand how a project has developed.



Based on our pilot work with the Red Compartida programme, we have created a fictional example PPP.

We used the spreadsheet template to prepare a series of releases of data, representing different stages of the procurement process.

This was exported as an Excel file, and converted into JSON using the OCDS Data Review Tool

The releases were then compiled into a record, and are available to browse using OCDS Show, an open source tool which provides:

  • A templating engine for displaying OCDS releases and records;

  • Alerts to changed fields between different releases;

  • Example visualization of data;

Explore the example

View the OCDS releases in JSON format here.

View the OCDS record in JSON format here.

View the data in OCDS show here.

In the record within OCDS show:

  • The circles along the top represent new 'releases' of information;

  • The sections down to side reflect stages of the contracting process;

  • The record 'builds up' as information is provided, and highlights what has changed at each point;

Use the 'text input' button to see (and adapt) the JSON data which generates this view.

Use a web browser add-on for a more user friendly preview of the JSON files. You can install JSONView for Chrome, JSONView for Firefox or JSONView for Safari

Alternative presentations of data can be prepared using the open source OCDS Show tool.