The World Bank PPP Disclosure Framework sets out what should be disclosed as part of a Public Private Partnership process.

OCDS for PPPs provides a framework for how to publish the requested information, with clear separation of:

  • Data

  • Documents

  • Presentation

The OCDS releases and records model is designed to support real time updates, with data and documents on each stage of a process published and updated on an ongoing basis.



Many elements of the PPP framework call for structured data. For example:

  • Project values over time;

  • A breakdown of the project budget;

  • Project metrics and delivery;

  • Details of project finance;

  • A list of shareholders, and shares held;

OCDS for PPPs provides structured data elements to represent this information, using existing OCDS building blocks, or selected extensions.

These structured data elements can be represented using JSON data, or via simple spreadsheet templates.


PPP projects involve can involve 100s or 1000s of pages of documents.

The framework calls for:

  • Disclosure of key documents;

  • Presentation of summary information for easy public consumption;

Use OCDS to:

  • Provide summary text for each framework element;

  • Link directly to the page in attached documents where more information can be found or describe where documents can be accessed;

This way, stakeholders can more easily find the information they need to understand a project: and compliance with the framework can be more easily assessed.


Make sure that documents are directly accessible at a persistent web address. Avoid placing documents behind a log-in or CAPTCHA, or moving the location of documents once they have been published.



With the combination of:

  • Structured data;

  • Online documents;

It is possible to build custom interfaces onto PPP disclosures: tailored to different audiences.

In particular:

  • OCDS Show is a prototype interface that can be used to browse all the information in OCDS for PPPs releases and records;

  • OCDS for PPP data can be converted into spreadsheet formats for detailed analysis;

  • Any third-party can build an interface using the OCDS for PPPs standard;

You can explore a preview of OCDS Show with example data.